Curriculum drivers

At Gorsey Bank we strongly believe that it is our responsibility to prepare our pupils with the skills and attitudes that will help them become successful, happy and confident learners and citizens.

As part of our new school curriculum, Staff have identified four ‘Curriculum Drivers’ – elements that are central to our school ethos of ‘Learning for Life’ and will further enhance the exciting and engaging learning opportunities that our pupils enjoy every day.

As a school it is our responsibility not only to ‘cover’ the National Curriculum but also to develop the skills and values in our pupils that will allow them to succeed in life. We believe that these 4 aspects of learning are central to this.

The rationale for each Driver is explained in three simple statements:


To learn from each other

To support each other

To be successful together



To challenge ourselves

To challenge each other

To push boundaries



To understand ourselves

To appreciate each other

To value diversity



To learn

To communicate

To create