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Hi all and a very Happy Easter!

Following the positive feedback around our New Year communications, we’ve decided to continue with this quarterly about and how we on the Local Governing Board (LGB) supporting the teaching staff to make Gorsey an even better school!

As a reminder, every few months we have a LGB meeting where we meet to discuss and challenge, amongst other things, the performance, finances and safeguarding of the school. 

At our March meeting we started with our roles & responsibilities as Governors, in particular our “Link Governor” roles – where each governor has an area of specialism such as Maths or Health & Safety to review in conjunction with the staff at the school. We’ve recently created a Communication & Community role which was a real focus during the School’s Aspirations Week where a number of the governors & parents took part.  It was great to hear of the success of this week as well as of the increase in focus the school is putting on empowering the pupils to value global & local communities to which they belong.  

We then moved onto talking around pupil outcomes, specifically around the work the school is doing around developing our capability in Maths.  Great progress is continuing to be made and we remain on target to attain some excellent KS2 results.  Importantly though, we also discussed how we are going about attaining these results and we talked through Gorsey’s focus for a broad & creative curriculum, rather than just the diet of Maths & English, as well as the ensuring the attainment of great results doesn’t add undue pressure on the children.  Overall, it’s looking great for both however!

Other than standing agenda items around Health & Safety & others, the final agenda item was around Finance.  No doubt you’re all aware of the potential impact of “Fairer Funding” around Cheshire East and we’re keen we as an LGB are working  closely with the Trust & school to ensure we look to balance the budget.  We were joined by the Trust’s Finance lead and walked through the 2018 plan and 3yr forecast.  A lot of work is going on to ensure that prudent financial management will keep our  figures looking healthy for the next 3 years.

There were loads of other points discussed and if you’re interested, feel free to browse previous meeting minutes below.

Have a great Easter!

Simeon  Mellor

Parent Governor and Governor for Communications & Community


Further information regarding governance and the scheme of delegation is available on the Laurus Trust’s website here

If you have anything you would like to discuss with our Chari of Governors please address to:

Colin Shepherd, c/o Gorsey Bank Primary School, Altrincham Rd, Wilmslow, SK9 5NQ.

Tel: 01625 468040

E-mail: admin@gorseybank.net