Local Governing Body


Welcome back for the 2018/19 year and a warm welcome to the new parents whose children are starting for the first time in Reception.

The Gorsey Local Governing Board met for the first time of the new school year in early October with the main focus on the 2017/18 results and planning into 2018/19.

It was great to review such a strong set of KS1 & 2 results with some remarkable achievements by the kids and teachers alike.  The Early Years and Phonics scores remained strong as did the Key Stage 1 results.  The majority of the discussion however was on the KS2 results and progress scores (how the children do from KS1 to KS2). It was great to see that all results at ‘Expected Standard’ were above 90% and our combined score across Reading, Writing and Maths of 90% puts us in the top 5% in the UK.

All of the hard work the children and teachers put in around Maths last year paid off with an impressive 67% of the kids achieving the ‘Higher Standard’.

Amazing results all round, I’m sure you’ll agree, but importantly for the Governors it was nice to hear stories of feedback around the way the children were supported, how the exams were set up to reduce any nervousness and the extra optional classes available. It’s always a fine balance for a school to make and we believe that Gorsey nailed it this year!

With regards to the progress scores which judge the improvement from KS1 to KS2, even with our excellent baseline set  at KS1, we saw over 2 and 3 point increases for Maths and Reading. Official progress figures for writing suggest last years cohort made broadly expected progress in this area.

So all in all, an excellent year and some tough but achievable KPIs set for the 2018/19 year.

Other than that, we had the usual updates on Finance, The Trust & reviews of Health & Safety. Full minutes from the meeting will appear on this page after they have been officially approved at our Autumn 2 meeting.


Have a great first term back and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Simeon Mellor

Parent & Communciations Governor.



Further information regarding governance and the scheme of delegation is available on the Laurus Trust’s website here

If you have anything you would like to discuss with our Chair of Governors please address to:

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