Our Team

Our team of passionate staff are dedicated to providing the best experiences possible for every child at Gorsey Bank and to deliver the school vision of ‘Learning for Life’.


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs L Woolley NPQH, MA Ed, BA Hons, PGCE – Head Teacher

Mr J Maguire BA Hons, PGCE, NPQSL, SLE – Deputy Head Teacher

Mr R Thompson BA Hons, NPQML, SLE – Assistant Head Teacher, Year 6 Class Teacher

Mrs E Drake BSc Hons, PGCE, NPQSL, SLE – Assistant Head Teacher, Reception Teacher, SENDCo


Senior Management Team

Mr A Smith MA Hons, PGCE, M Ed – Assessment Lead, Year 5 Class Teacher

Mrs C Ellender BSc Hons, PGCE – Planning Lead, Reception Class Teacher

Ms C Harwood BA Hons, PGCE – Curriculum Lead, Reception Class Teacher


Class Teachers

Reception – Mrs C Ellender, Ms C Harwood, Mrs E Drake

Year 1 – Miss R Thomas MTCP Hons, PGCE, Mrs K van Spelde BA Hons, Mrs R Austin BEd Hons

Year 2 – Miss F Watkins BA Hons, PGCE, Miss H Grice BSc Hons, PGCE

Year 3 – Miss J Barber BSc Hons, MMedSci, PGCE, Mrs A Turrell BSc Hons, PGCE

Year 4 – Miss J Perera BA Hons, Miss H Tapply BSc Hons, PGCE

Year 5 – Mr A Smith, Mr J Johnson BSc Hons, PGCE

Year 6 – Mr R Thompson, Miss V Maguire BA Hons, PGCE


Additional Teaching Staff

Ms S Facer BA Hons, PGCE- Special Educational Needs Teacher

Mrs D Simpson BA Hons, PGCE – Reading Intervention Teacher

Miss E Hooker BA Hons, PGCE – Part-time Teacher

Mrs C Romer – Part-time Teacher

Miss S Cheetham- Part-time Teacher

Mrs A Savin – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Edwards – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Smith – Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Coates – Teaching Assistant

Miss N Tetley – Teaching Assistant

Miss D Barker – Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Sherrington – Special Needs Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Brickhill – Special Needs Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Aitkin – Special Needs Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Jones – Special Needs Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Thomas – Special Needs Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Wallwork – Special Needs Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Calhoun – Special Needs Teaching Assistant


Additional Support Staff

Ms A Bell – School Business Manager

Mrs D Barker – Admin Team

Mrs C Hall – Admin Team

Mrs A Fowler – Admin Team

Ms O Defoe – Learning Mentor

Mrs A Holah – Welfare Assistant

Mrs E Kershaw – Welfare Assistant

Mrs S Proctor – Librarian

Mrs H Samwells – Caretaker

Domestic Team

Midday Team

Kids GB Out of School Club Team