Initial Teacher Training (ITT)


Gorsey Bank has been involved with Initial Teacher Training for many years, offering placements for teachers studying towards their BA in Education and their Post Graduate Certificates in Education. For the last few years we have been involved in the School Direct route into teaching. Initially this was through our links with the Altius Alliance which specialises in School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT). More recently we have also partnered with two outstanding Teaching Schools (Elmridge in Trafford and Gatley in Stockport) in order to enrich the programme we can offer for our trainees.

“The experience I gained in school through the school direct route was invaluable. I learnt about the workings of a school from how the school operates to setting up classrooms and the reality of what a school day involves. I was able to build relationships with staff and children in my class from the very start of the year.”

Former School Direct Trainee, now Class Teacher at Gorsey Bank


“I’d say that the school direct route is the best way to train, especially if you learn by doing rather than reading, as you are immersed in the school environment from day one. You feel like a teacher very early on and the amount of time in school means that you will experience everything first hand. There is so much support from your school, lead school and university that you can feel confident in trying things out and knowing that if you go wrong there is always someone who can help.”

Current School Direct Trainee


“One of the most valuable parts of the school direct course so far is being in the classroom right from day 1. You see what other PGCE students don’t- how the class teacher gets to know the children and build up behaviour management strategies with them. The support and opportunities from the school, staff, and their connections with other schools has been brilliant.”

Current School Direct Trainee


“The support and advice I have received from staff is priceless and invaluable. A fantastic route into teaching.”

Current School Direct Trainee



What is School Direct?

The School Direct model is a school-led teacher training route, where participating schools recruit and select their own trainees and provide professional development under the guidance of their cluster’s lead school.  An applicant can expect to gain placements and training in schools with experience of initial teacher training, including schools which excel at training and developing their own staff. There is an element of university based training although the balance is tipped very much towards the training programmes written and delivered by individual school clusters.

We offer a number of unsalaried Primary School Direct places in collaboration with our partner primaries, all of whom are good or outstanding schools, to ensure that our trainees learn from and with the best.

We are looking for applicants with the potential to become outstanding practitioners.

Trainees will be based at their ‘Lead school’ for their main placement, move to a ‘partner school’ for a contrast placement and complete a 2 week SEND placement.

‘Enrichment placements’ including secondary based training opportunities can also be arranged.

Trainees will have:

  • A School Based Mentor and a University Tutor throughout the programme.
  • Full access to the Manchester Metropolitan University PGCE programme
  • A comprehensive school-based ‘Teaching Studies’ programme

Trainees will be part of the ‘Lead school’ team from the moment they are offered a place and can gain valuable experience prior to starting their PGCE. All trainees are in their Lead school from the first day of the school year and have the option to stay on until the very final day in July.

We are committed to supporting our trainees in finding teaching posts upon the completion of their training and have successfully done this for every trainee we have worked with since becoming the lead school in our partnership

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Details about the School Direct route including how to apply for a place can be found here…